Iveco lands with the first LNG truck in Chile

August 21, 2020. Together with its Chilean concessionaire Sigdotek (SKC), Iveco, a brand belonging to the CNH Industrial group, began the first trans-Andean circulation test with a truck powered by alternative energies.

The project features the new Stralis 460 Cursor 13 NP truck, powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), 6×2 Euro VI. In order to travel the Andean routes for a period of 30 uninterrupted days, only making stops to load fuel and to rotate drivers, the project will be possible thanks to the support of ENAP (Empresa Nacional del Petróleo), a state-owned company dedicated to exploration, production, refining and marketing of oil and its derivatives. In addition, the tour is supported by the Cryolab filling station and the Santa María carrier.

“We are proud to work for a more sustainable and profitable future with the support of recognized companies in the country. The extra heavy truck that is currently traveling the Chilean roads is circulating with a 60 m3 tank loaded with liquefied natural gas that will supply the needs of the long route of the vehicle, which will be loaded in an LNG base in the Valparaíso region and in an LNG base in the Ñuble Region (Pemuco Base). Likewise, this route is important since it is estimated to travel a total of 36,000 kilometers, to set a precedent and to demonstrate the benefits and benefits of this type of vehicle for a future development of this alternative fuel”, argued Marcelo Leonardi, Commercial Director of Exports at Iveco for South America.

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