Iveco Portugal delivered 6 CNG Stralis units of 26 ton

June 12, 2020. Iveco Portugal announced that, as part of the commemoration of World Environment Day, it formally delivered 6 Stralis CNG 26-ton units, with a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine and processed for solid waste collection operations in the municipalities of ‘Hot Earth Transmontana’, operated by the North Waste company, which sees its fleet strengthened.

The Iveco models were delivered after an international public tender launched by ACE Terra Quente Transmontana. The new fleet of Iveco Stralis NP was delivered to Residuos do Nordeste precisely on World Environment Day, thus carrying a symbolism that aims to materialize the increase in the urban waste collection service in the municipalities of Alfândega da Fé, Carrezeda de Ansiães, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Mirandela and Vila Flor.

The new reinforcements from Residuos do Nordeste are equipped with CNG-powered Cursor 8 engines capable of 330 hp. The transmission is in charge of an automatic gearbox and an integrated retarder will help brake. The vehicles are equipped with eight fuel tanks, capable of offering a total capacity of 800 liters.

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