Korea Gas Corporation to promote LNG fueled trucks

September 22, 2020. The Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) is stepping up its efforts to promote its liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueled truck, which will be an eco-friendly and economically feasible alternative to diesel-powered trucks.

The state-run gas corporation’s strategy comes from its CEO and President Chae Hee-bong who said the Corporation will develop a new business model focused on green energy.

“In a speech commemorating KOGAS’ 37th anniversary in August, Chae announced the company will generate profit from the green energy business taking advantage of the corporation’s capability to produce and supply natural gas,” a KOGAS official said.

KOGAS said using more eco-friendly LNG-powered trucks instead of diesel-powered ones will reduce fine dust emissions.

“According to the environment ministry’s research, LNG-powered trucks emit 19 percent less carbon dioxide, 96 percent less nitrogen oxide and 100 percent less fine dust compared with diesel-powered trucks,” KOGAS said.

It added LNG trucks can be an economically viable alternative to diesel trucks. “The research found that LNG trucks, while more expensive than diesel trucks, are more economical than the latter when including gas and maintenance costs,” KOGAS added.

KOGAS is currently test-running LNG-powered trucks in cooperation with state-run organizations. “Along with six organizations including the Busan Port Authority, we are conducting the test operation of LNG-fueled trucks. In August 2019, we signed an agreement with the six to test LNG-powered inter-terminal transport.” the official said.

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