Landi Renzo Group and Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company sign an agreement to develop CNG in Egypt

Landi Renzo Group, global leader in systems and components for gas mobility, EGAS (Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company), Gastec (Egyptian International Gas Technology), Car Gas (Natural Gas Vehicles Company) have signed on February 13, 2020 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to execute a joint pilot project for producing, assembling, and selling in Egypt CNG conversion kit and components, leveraging an existing manufacturing facility.

The MoU also encompasses the DDF (Diesel Dual Fuel) conversions of minibuses and buses applying the consolidated LRG technology for such applications. Finally, the agreement foresees support in promoting and setting up KM0 and delayed OEM initiatives with OEM companies present in Egypt and automotive importer companies and fleets.

At the same time Landi Renzo Group affiliate Company SAFE&CEC srl, leading player in designing and manufacturing equipment for CNG and biomethane distribution, has signed an agreement with EGAS, Gastec and Car Gas for starting a close cooperation for a pilot project for assembly and packaging compressor for natural gas distribution in Egypt, with the goal to support the Egyptian plan focused on the growth of the natural gas distribution network.

These initiatives will allow enhancing the usage of methane for sustainable mobility, taking benefit of the Egyptian’s abundant reserves and consequently reducing CO2 and pollutant emissions.

The MoU constitutes an introductory work that will lead to the establishment of a joint-venture between Landi Renzo Group and the local Gas Companies, allowing production volumes of CNG components and kits also to be exported in other part of the world under Landi Renzo brand.

Cristiano Musi, CEO of Landi Renzo Group said: “We’re particularly honored to partner with EGAS, Gastec and Car Gas and are proud of being part of the strong CNG market development in Egypt, enlarging our presence in this Country and cooperating with all major local gas Companies. Having a local manufacturing site is a fundamental part of our strategy to develop our business being near to the Customer, to supply competitive and innovative products contributing to the growth of a sustainable economy.”

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