Conversions of Peruvian vehicles to CNG continue growing

May 10, 2019. In Peru, the natural gas for vehicles (NGV) market has grown. From 2005 to 2018, some 273.000 vehicles have been converted to the use of NGV and, as of March 2019, the accumulated figure reached 279.000 units. In March, 2.106 units were transformed, of which 22.2% were new vehicles, according to the monthly statistical report of Infogas, the institution in charge of managing the natural gas cargo control system.

In 2018, 19.000 vehicles were switched to NGV, of which 83.4% were used and 16.6% new. The conversion figure recorded in that year was higher than the data for 2016 and 2017, but lower than that for the period 2010-2014. Likewise, of the total vehicles converted in the last year, 97.5% were automobiles; 1.5%, public transport vehicles; 0.5%, trucks; and 0.2%, other types of units.

Regarding the used vehicles converted to NGV, of the total of this segment (15.900), 95.3% made their conversion in Lima and Callao; 3.8%, in Ica; 0.4%, in La Libertad; 0.3%, in Junín; and the rest, in Piura and Lambayeque (0.1% in each region).

On the other hand, of the total of new vehicles converted to NGV (3.200), 60.8% corresponded to new vehicles converted before the sale to the public and 39.5% to new vehicles that were originally designed for the use of natural gas.

Until the last year, 3.700 units converted to NGV were deregistered in the Peruvian market, so that there are 270.000 vehicles active in the use of natural gas. Currently, there are 322 CNG service stations and 167 conversion workshops in the country.

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