Natural gas buses arrive for the Cali transport system

August 9, 2019. A total of 21 natural gas buses arriving at the Port of Buenaventura, Colombia, will be added to the MIO mass transit system fleet.

The entry into operation of these vehicles puts Cali at the forefront in the use of clean technologies in mass transit systems, as in other cities of the country, contributing to the improvement of air quality and the health of caleños.

The buses are nine meters long with capacity for 50 passengers and 240 km travel autonomy, have doors on both sides (dual), air conditioning, and are Sunwin brand (of the SAIC group) with Cummins engines, designed to work exclusively with natural gas for vehicles.

The entry into operation of the 21 gas units is possible thanks to the joint work between Gases de Occidente and Blanco y Negro company, thus demonstrating the interest and commitment of the business sector to contribute to the development and sustainability of the city.

“In Gases de Occidente we are very happy with the arrival of these 21 buses powered by natural gas, we believe that this news marks a milestone that will change the history of Cali, taking advantage of this experience with low-emission vehicles that will improve air quality for all caleños, likewise finding an efficient mode of transport in gas technology, both for its environmental and economic benefits, will allow us to understand that natural gas is part of the contributions to sustainable mobility in the present and future”, said Mauricio Ramírez, general manager of Gases de Occidente.

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