Lombardy subsidizes the construction of public LNG stations

May 1, 2019. Lombardy Region published a call for public LNG facilities to be implemented in the regional grid, as the council deliberated on a proposal from the Economic Development department launched last December. The budget is 2 million euros.

The call is for micro, small and medium sized enterprises based in Lombardy who deal with the fuel distribution. The call is a non-repayable grant of a maximum of 200 thousands euro per project (about 25% of the total investment cost of a LNG refueling station).

The aim of the project is to spread across Lombardy region public LNG stations in order to realize an “innovative distribution network based on a low carbon fuel, that it is also effective for heavy transport vehicles, in particular for those that make medium-long distance journeys”.

Nowadays Lombardy can rely on 4 (over 43 over the whole Italian territory) LNG stations provided with cryogenic tanks that can directly supply LNG to trucks and L-CNG to cars, while the current LNG stations linked to the national gas grid are already 165.

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