April 3, 2020. In late March 2020, Grupa LOTOS, LOTOS Paliwa and Remontowa LNG Systems signed an agreement to build a pilot liquefied natural gas (LNG) docking station, to be sited at the LOTOS service station located in Gdańsk-Osowa on the ring road bypassing the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot metropolitan area (on the road to Gdynia). Its commercial operation is slated to start in mid 2021.

“As we battle the coronavirus pandemic, we care to ensure continuity of the day-to-day operations of our companies. This improves our chances of swiftly returning to business as usual and gives us hope for quick economic recovery in the near future. Innovation will be a key element here,” said Jacek Sasin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets.

“The project is implemented in partnership with Remontowa LNG Systems and it will enable LOTOS Paliwa to expand its offering to include LNG and CNG as modern, alternative, economical, low-emission fuels designed primarily for heavy road transport. Projects of this type are an important direction for us, one we will actively pursue,” stated Paweł Jan Majewski, President of the Grupa LOTOS Management Board.

As its main function, the station will enable refueling of vehicles powered by LNG and CNG. The cryogenic condenser will enable boil-off gas to be liquefied and re-injected into the tank container, helping the station to reduce methane emissions to zero during operation. Furthermore, automatic control and monitoring systems will enable single-person operation and remote servicing of the docking station.

Its unique function will be maintaining the technical parameters of LNG stored in the intermodal cryogenic tank containers at safe levels for a long time in order to enable distribution of LNG to end consumers by any mode of transport.

Building the facility in the proposed location will contribute to developing transport infrastructure along a TEN-T route. The project will help to create an LNG distribution system in Gdańsk, with its footprint extending to Gdynia (as a TEN-T urban node), the Gdańsk Province and beyond (no LNG fuel sources exist in Northern Poland today).