Metrocali presented the first fleet of 100% natural gas buses

November 5, 2019. At least 21 buses of the mass service that will operate entirely on natural gas began to circulate through the streets of Cali, Colombia, after being delivered this morning.

With the presence of the mayor of the capital of the Valley, Maurice Armitage, the river boulevard was the scene of the departure of the first Mio buses that will operate with this system, which will allow for less pollution in the environment.

“I am very happy because with these units we will continue to improve the service of Mio, one of the goals for which we work most in this city hall,” said Armitage, a few days after the end of his term.

The vehicles are nine meters long, with three doors to let in and out of at least 50 passengers that can be transported by each one.

The new buses are equipped with air conditioning, USB ports to recharge cell phones and a modern system so that the driver can make a diagnosis of the vehicle in real time.

According to Metrocali, the units are capable of traveling 250 kilometers with a vehicle gas load, which allows, in addition to CO2 savings, a reduction in fuel investment for its operation.

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