June 14, 2019. Liquigas, a leading company in the distribution of LPG and LNG, and Ekopoint, a company distributing eco-sustainable fuels, LPG, LNG, natural gas and electricity for motor vehicles, have opened the first LNG service station for heavy and light-duty vehicles near Milan, in the municipality of Agrate Brianza, province of Monza and Brianza.

The refueling plant is located in an area dedicated to industry and logistics near the A4 motorway exit of Agrate Brianza, on the road that connects Milan to Trieste.

The Ekopoint LNG service station consists of a vertical 60mc storage tank, 1 LNG dispenser for refuelling heavy vehicles and 2 CNG-L dispensers for refueling light vehicles and private cars.

“With the new plant in Agrate Brianza, we are bringing to 8 the number of LNG service stations supplied by us, whether private or open to the public. Another 5 LNG service stations are at an advanced stage of construction and will be open by the end of 2019, while important projects are being assessed,” comments Massimiliano Naso, Liquigas S.p.A.’s Sales Manager for Italy for Large Customers and LNG.

“We are convinced that the future of mobility will be based on clean energy: the market indicates that less and less traditional fuels and more and more clean energy are now being consumed. For this reason, at the new service station in Agrate Brianza we decided to focus on fuels with a low environmental impact, ensuring that we can respond effectively to the needs of all drivers interested in travelling in a more responsible way,” stresses Stefano Cantarelli of Ekopoint.