Natural gas green taxis to bring basic needs to families in Naples

April 28, 2020. Snam, through its sustainable mobility subsidiary, Snam4Mobility, and Wetaxi, the taxi-booking app which operates in 22 Italian cities and currently operates a goods ‘Delivery’ service, have together launched the ‘Green Solidarity Taxis’ initiative to distribute basic necessities in the Naples area during the COVID-19 emergency sustainably.

The Green Solidarity Taxis are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and are being provided by Radio Taxi Consortaxi 081.22.22, Wetaxi’s partner. These taxis will transport food and other goods to over 200 families in need in the metropolitan area on behalf of ActionAid and Proodos Consortium.

The initiative is part of the Seeds project, launched by ActionAid in Naples to distribute food from local producers to about 200 families in serious economic difficulty, and the social distribution service operated by the Consortium of Social Cooperatives Proodos.

The initiative aims to combine social commitment with sustainability, generating both environmental benefits (through reducing pollutants and CO2 emissions) and economic advantages (through lowering the cost of refueling) as a result of the technologically efficient and ecological characteristics of natural gas. Guaranteeing safety is also paramount: the entire Consortaxi 08.22.22 fleet of ‘Green Solidarity Taxis’ use a car sanitization system. Furthermore, taxi drivers are equipped with surgical masks and are correctly trained on the hygiene guidelines to adequately perform the service.

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