Naturgy and Disfrimur inaugurated the first public natural gas station in Murcia

December 23, 2019. The first natural gas filling station in the Region of Murcia, Spain, has been inaugurated at one of the facilities of the DFM Rent a Car company, belonging to the Disfrimur Group, in Molina de Segura. This establishment, as pointed out by Naturgy and Disfrimur, allows natural gas to be supplied both in its compressed mode (CNG) for light vehicles, and in its liquefied mode (LNG) for heavy vehicles. The new refueling point, both companies underline, joins the two existing in the region located in the Murcia neighborhood of Era Alta and in Cartagena, which supply CNG to both public fleets and private vehicles.

The new station of Molina de Segura, together with the existing one in the Disfrimur facilities in Antequera (Málaga) and to which both companies currently operate in Valencia and Alicante, will allow a radial supply to carriers that travel the Mediterranean Corridor, increasing the competitiveness of the transport sector. Molina de Segura is currently one of the Murcia municipalities with the highest volume of transport companies. According to both companies, the commissioning of this station “will facilitate the use of a more economical and sustainable fuel for existing fleets in the region.” Likewise, it will also serve public service fleets, such as waste collection trucks and urban and interurban passenger transport.

Naturgy’s director of clients and markets, José Luis Gil, has affirmed that natural gas “is a vector of the future and a commitment to a proven technology for professional transport due to its numerous environmental and economic advantages.” For his part, the manager of Disfrimur, Juan Sánchez, said that his company “has opted for the use of natural gas for more than 10 years because, at present, it is a viable and sustainable alternative for the transport of goods by highway”.

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