New LNG filling station opened in Helsingborg

October 22, 2020. Low emission fuel options are becoming even more available as energy company Gasum opened yet another gas filling station in the Nordics. The new Helsingborg station, located beside the E20 and E4 highways, means greater availability of gas in southern Sweden.

The new Helsingborg filling station strengthens the availability of alternative fuel options in southern Sweden by providing liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) for heavy-duty vehicles. Helsingborg is one of the biggest logistics hubs in the Nordics and a major food distribution center for Sweden. The new station there caters to the needs of companies seeking ways to lower their emissions.

The Helsingborg station is the second of its kind for liquefied gas in the city and is an important addition to the gas filling station network in Sweden. The station is located at Transportgatan 2A, beside the E20/E6 and E4 highways that together connect Helsingborg to east coast on the other side of the country.

“The Helsingborg station further promotes sustainable traffic across Sweden. By expanding the Nordic gas filling station network, we are making alternative fuels available to more and more companies. Transport and logistics companies need to lower their emissions and LNG is one the most cost-efficient and fastest ways to do this,“ says Mikael Antonsson, Director Traffic at Gasum in Sweden.

Several incentive programs such as Klimatklivet and Drive LBG are accelerating the transition to low emission fuels within the transport segment by financially supporting companies that decide to invest in gas-driven trucks. Together with the expanding filling station network, these incentives help the gas truck market to grow quickly. Today, there are already more than 200 gas driven trucks on Swedish roads, and their numbers are expected to increase rapidly. LNG is a competitive fuel solution to reduce emissions immediately as its lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions are more than 20% lower than those of fossil diesel.

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