LIQAL opens new LCNG refueling station

September 12, 2019. LIQAL has released a brief statement on social media, claiming its new LCNG refueling station in Heverlee, Belgium, is officially open.

The site is located along the E40, and is the first LCNG station in northwest Europe. The facility was installed by LIQAL for Drive Systems, and features an LNG dispenser to supply trucks, one to serve CNG powered vehicles, and a dedicated CNG dispenser to fill up tube-trailers.

LIQAL first announced that it won the contract for the station in December last year. According to that statement, the development has received funding from the EU through its Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program.

In the same statement, LIQAL claimed Ninatrans – a Belgian transport company and pioneer in LNG-powered transport since 2015 – would be the launching customer for the station.

At the time, Benny Smets, CEO of Ninatrans, said: “Alternative fuels as LNG are the future for road transport, but they must be easily accessible. The LNG station at the Esso site on the E40 highway, close to our HQ, perfectly fits in our strategy to decarbonize activities. We decided to order 10 additional LNG trucks, and more units will be added as we replace the older diesel trucks.”

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