NGVA Europe comments EU 2030 Climate Target Plan

September 18, 2020. During the State of the Union address, President Ursula von der Leyen presented updated targets for the 2030 Climate Plan.

Following the confirmation of setting a more challenging target to reduce GHG emissions to -55% compared to the 1990 level, she made clear that the decarbonization process needs to start immediately, and with a real holistic approach.

According to NGVA Europe, this will also have impact on the transportation sector where is needed to curb GHG emissions. There, solutions like bioCNG and bioLNG can immediately contribute to kick start this process and therefore should be seen as one of the key solutions to do so.

As laid out by the association already in its June publication ‘In the Fast Lane with Biomethane in Transport’, the use of a 40% biomethane blend in gas vehicles translates into a reduction of 55% GHG emissions on a Well-to-Wheel basis compared to conventional fuels.

NGVA Europe Secretary General Andrea Gerini commented: “Our new challenge in reducing GHG emissions even further, means setting high priority and criteria to the responsiveness of the solutions we can use, and the need to concretely translate the holistic approach we need.

Natural gas is a strategic partner and, thanks to vast options to produce bioCNG and bioLNG, carbon neutrality is feasible and affordable with current vehicle technologies already today.

Today’s biomethane production is the perfect example of the Circular Economy Model by giving value to our waste – for example by converting agricultural waste into biofuels which can be done in very affordable ways.

Accelerating our ambitions already today means time for a technology-open approach and to adapt the legislative framework accordingly by adding the missing system approach. The future revision of the CO2 Emission Standards Regulations will be key to do so: by rewarding the role of clean renewable fuels such as bioCNG and bioLNG”.

Gerini added that “technologies and infrastructure offering 100% biomethane are not different from the one we have already in place. Therefore, there is no point to wait any longer to further integrate gmobility as key player solving this challenge”.

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