NGVA Europe launches the gmobility initiative

April 19, 2019. The Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA Europe) launched the gmobility community platform, which aims to inform and discuss the benefits of gas in transport to and with customers.

It is important to make better and well-informed decisions when it comes to protecting the environment. Gas in transport and mobility is the most cost-effective solution to contribute to a sustainable future. As more and more people are finding the choice of sustainable transport confusing and struggle to make the right decision, NGVA Europe launched the gmobility platform to provide valuable fact-driven information and answer all possible questions of costumers.

gmobility will address the benefits that gas offers to reduce transport emissions, improving air quality, in a sustainable and practical way, while already available today. The platform offers regularly published blogs, podcasts, videos, an information hub and more. Users are welcome to interact and discuss through social media.

“We know that natural and renewable gas is a sustainable, practical and affordable solution to decarbonise the transport sector in Europe. We want to highlight the best practices and solutions already available through our new gmobility platform.” – Andrea Gerini, Secretary General of NGVA Europe.

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