Ontruck and Gas2Move bet on natural gas trucks in Spain

June 7, 2019. Ontruck, a Spanish operator of regional freight transport by road, has reached an agreement with Gas2Move, a company that offers last-mile sustainable mobility solutions, to add six new heavy vehicles powered by natural gas in the Community of Madrid.

There are six trucks of 18 tons, which currently guarantees access to Madrid Central, with 7.5 tons of payloads and autonomy of close to 700 km, which will cover six delivery routes between logistics hubs in the metropolitan crown of Madrid.

Its propulsion by natural gas will allow to achieve a fuel saving of between 30% and 40% compared to diesel or gasoline vehicles, and among the six trucks will avoid the emission to the environment of 45 tons of CO2 every year, compared to that would represent their diesel equivalents, according to estimates of both companies.

“If we want to protect the planet, it is essential that we move towards more sustainable mobility models, and the commitment to less polluting vehicles such as Gas2Move is key to reducing the environmental impact of this sector, which is why our collaboration will not end here, and we hope to be able to incorporate new gas vehicles in the rest of the regions in which we operate. In Ontruck we work to optimize our transport systems through intelligent route management that avoids empty kilometers, to reduce unnecessary emissions and move towards energy efficiency”, said Thiago Silva, Operations Director of Ontruck.

“Natural gas for vehicles, either in its LNG or CNG mode, reduces between 25 to 30% of CO2 emissions, 85% of nitrous and sulphurous oxides and 95% of black particles. The presence of these vehicles on our roads and cities will have an incredible positive impact on the atmosphere The agreement with Ontruck allows us to advance in this objective and to bet together for more sustainable transport,” said Andrés Nieto García, Gas2Move Operations Director.

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