OnTurtle launched about 20 NGV stations in Europe in 2020

January 11, 2021. OnTurtle, a fleet management services company in Europe, launched some twenty new natural gas filling stations in 2020, raising its total gas filling network to 66 facilities. This represents a 34.79% increase in OnTurtle’s network compared to 2019, according to a press release.

In the year of its 25th anniversary, OnTurtle opened its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations in new markets such as Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

As for service stations, OnTurtle reports that in 2020 it expanded its retail network in Europe to 1,606 sites, representing an 8% increase over 2019, when it closed the year with 1,486 stations.

“Despite the difficulties that the Covid-19 pandemic has posed for the road transport sector, OnTurtle closed 2020 on a positive note. As a leading company in fleet management services, we have overcome the situation to continue with our international expansion,” says the company.

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