February 18, 2021. Petrem, a fuel supplier from Catalonia’s Girona, will expand the refueling infrastructure for natural gas vehicles in the Spanish province of Girona with the opening of a new gas filling station in an area near the city of Girona.

The new station will open later this year and will become Petrem’s second gas filling station in the province of Girona, along with its active gas site in the town of Figueres.

The opening of this new location is part of a 1.4 million euros investment that Petrem is undertaking to upgrade its facilities with charging points for electric vehicles and for the refuelling of natural gas.

Last summer, Petrem dedicated 800,000 euros to open a gas filling station in the town of Santa Llogaia d’Àlguema.

According to Gasnam, an association that promotes the use of natural and renewable gas for mobility in Spain, the province of Girona currently has four liquefied natural gas (LNG) stations and five compressed natural gas (CNG) stations. Three out of the four LNG stations also offer CNG.