PIMK invests in 40 CNG-powered trucks in Bulgaria

January 5, 2021. In order to expand its capacity to provide increasingly environmentally friendly logistics services to its business partners, PIMK, one of the largest transport companies in Bulgaria, has strengthened its fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) with 40 new Iveco Stralis NP 460HP trucks.

“In this dynamic and crucial year, we believe that today, more than ever, it is important to pay attention to sustainable solutions and new technologies, in order to continue to achieve the company’s most urgent objectives, that is, to provide a responsible service to our partners. This will strengthen our role as leaders in innovation in the segment. Over time, switching to natural gas Iveco vehicles has proven to be beneficial for both our business and the environment,” said Penko Nestorov, owner of PIMK Ltd.

With the acquisition of these 40 new trucks, PIMK continues to expand its fleet of CNG units. “The advantages of this technology speak for themselves: lower fuel costs, less NO2, PM and CO2, reduced tolls in Bulgaria and exemption from tolls in Germany”, Iveco explained in a statement.

“Two years after our first investment in Iveco gas vehicles and after analyzing the results obtained, we decided that it is very important to continue increasing the efficiency of our activity and the satisfaction of our associates. In this sense, the firm is once again investing in the most powerful natural gas vehicles on the market”, added Ilian Filipov, representative of PIMK Ltd.

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