Primark rolls out 10 new LNG trucks to reduce CO2 emissions

Ten new Iveco Stralis NP 460 (AS440S46T/P LNG) 4x2 tractor units have recently joined the Primark fleet, working day and night with utmost efficiency.

March 29, 2021. Primark, a leader in the British retail sector, has taken its Primark Cares initiative to the highway by rolling out a fleet of new natural gas-powered trucks for its UK transport operations. Having already taken delivery of new, higher capacity LSTs (Longer Semi Trailer) in August 2020, the new trucks form the next piece of Primark’s emissions reduction journey.

Ten new Iveco Stralis NP 460 (AS440S46T/P LNG) 4×2 tractor units have recently joined the Primark fleet, working day and night with utmost efficiency to help stores and delivery hubs across the UK prepare for the provisional re-opening of Primark stores in England and Wales on 12 April, and Scotland on 26 April.

The Natural Power trucks run solely on bio-liquefied natural gas (Bio-LNG), a far cleaner alternative to traditional diesel fuels, reducing fuel consumption by up to 15%. Natural gas is currently the only immediately available low-emission alternative to diesel in the heavy segment, delivering Particulate Matter emissions 99% lower than diesel and 90% less NO2.

A major consideration that saw Primark choose Stralis NP, is the trucks’ unique capability to offer a range of up to 1,600km between refills running solely on LNG. The combination of 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission and advanced Iveco HI-CRUISE GPS-based predictive drive system offers unlimited sustainability without compromising on the driveability of a conventional diesel. The 460hp 12.9-litre Cursor 13 Natural Power engine also offers the longest-in-class service intervals at 90,000km, minimising downtime for maximum working efficiency.

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