Redexis and Cepsa launch their first liquefied natural gas filling station

March 10, 2020. Redexis and Cepsa have inaugurated their first natural gas vehicles (NGV) refueling station, within the framework of the strategic agreement announced last June, by which both companies committed to creating the largest filling network of Spain.

The new NGV station, which is already in service, has a pump capable of supplying liquefied natural gas (LNG) to all types of heavy vehicles, in a refueling time of between 3 and 6 minutes.

The facility is located at exit 649 of the Autovía del Mediterráneo (A-7), passing through Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia). It is a strategic point for the transport of goods, through which between 5,000 and 8,000 heavy vehicles circulate every day, since it is the main communication route between Barcelona and Algeciras.

Redexis has made an investment of close to a million euros to carry out the construction of this facility, in which it is planned that light vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG) will also be able to refuel in the coming months.

Cepsa and Redexis are working on the opening of twenty NGV refueling stations that will be built and put into operation throughout 2020, and which will involve an investment of about fifteen million euros.

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