Redexis launches a network of 7 stations to supply CNG to ambulances

June 15, 2020. The Spanish company Redexis has launched a new network of compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations in order to supply the Murciano Health Service (SMS) ambulance fleet, made up of nearly 400 vehicles.

The development of these infrastructures has been carried out by Orthem -concessionaire of the SMS for the management of medical transport in the Region of Murcia-, and represents a new step in promoting sustainable mobility and low carbon emissions through the boost for natural gas vehicles (NGV).

Redexis has carried out the entire infrastructure of this new gas vehicle project, considered strategic for the Region of Murcia: from liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants to gas networks, through connections, pumps, etc. In total, it has built 7 CNG refueling stations, corresponding to the headquarters or areas in which the regional health transport service is structured. This new network adds a total of 16 charging points and provides a peak flow of 3,200 cubic meters per hour, having the capacity for a minimum annual consumption of 1,288,000 kg.

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