Redexis and the Transport Federation agree to promote NGV in the Balearic Islands

April 3, 2019. Redexis and the Balearic Business Federation of Transport (FEBT) have signed a collaboration agreement for the promotion of compressed natural gas (CNG) in the Balearic Islands, Spain, reaffirming its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Thanks to this agreement, both organizations express their interest in the development of mobility through alternative fuels as one of the ways to strengthen the fight against climate change, to improve the air quality of cities and to contribute to achieving the objectives of sustainability and economic development.

The FEBT will promote the use of CNG vehicles among its members, in order to extend their purchase and use. In addition, it undertakes to provide Redexis with information on the number and type of CNG vehicles of its members, in order that Redexis may have sufficient information to promote the gas infrastructures necessary for the supply of CNG in the areas where it is appropriate.

For its part, Redexis will build and provide public access to those CNG cargo facilities that are necessary to meet the immediate demand for CNG uses for land mobility.

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