Renault Trucks D Wide CNG achieves autonomy of 1,000 kilometers

August 31, 2020. TRM24, an online media specialized in road transport, tested a Renault Trucks D Wide CNG with extended autonomy. Equipped with additional cylinders by CRMT, it was able to travel nearly 1,000 kilometers with a full tank.

While compressed natural gas (CNG) is regularly noted for its lack of autonomy compared to liquid solution (LNG), the gap is narrowing. This is demonstrated by the latest TRM24 test, which dedicates a complete dossier dedicated to the Renault Trucks D Wide CNG “long-range”.

Carried out along the French Lyon-Toulouse route, the test allows forecasting the 1,000 kilometers of autonomy in road use. “In the 957.5 km measured, we consumed 179.04 kg of methane, that is, 18.69 kg/100 km”, summarizes TRM24.

To develop this long-range D Wide, Renault Trucks have teamed up with CRMT, an engineering company specializing in natural gas, to add additional tanks. First presented in 2018 at the Solutrans trade show, this vehicle now features 16 tanks grouped into four packages. The “long-range” option is installed directly at the Blainville-sur-Orne plant in Normandy. It requires a minimum wheelbase of 5,000 mm. As of September 2019, around twenty units had already been delivered to the carrier Houtch.

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