September 6, 2019. The Brazilian subsidiary of the Swedish brand will begin manufacturing these versions from next year. For its development, the company signed an alliance with the company ZEG, specialized in the generation of renewable energy and which will be responsible for producing the biomethane used by trucks. In addition, this firm said that the fuel can be used in any vehicle or device supplied with natural gas, such as machinery and industrial equipment.

While the cost of these trucks will be around 30% more expensive than conventional trucks, this will be offset by the cost of maintenance, 10% lower than in diesel units. In this way, those who purchase one of these trucks will amortize the expense in two or three years, “after that period, they will only be profits,” said Christopher Podgorski, Pesident of Scania Brazil.

As a reference, it is worth remembering that it is not the first experience of the brand with this fuel, since in Europe it has been successfully implementing it for two years: in 2018 alone it sold 4,540 commercial vehicles powered by alternative fuels, 4.5% of its total sales globally.

The production of biogas units is part of the investments recently announced by Scania for Brazil for a total of R$ 2.6 billion, of which R$ 21 million correspond to this project. Once the manufacture of these trucks begins, they can be exported to all markets where the Scandinavian firm operates, always depending on demand.