SEAT bets on gas-sharing

March 21, 2019. SEAT’s drive for mobility and its Xmoba project is materializing with movements that, in this case, concern its car-sharing strategy. A year ago SEAT acquired Respiro, with a 100% stake, making this company founded in 2010 at the center of its carpooling strategy. A year later, SEAT announces the incorporation in Respiro of 173 compressed natural gas (CNG) cars, which will operate in Madrid, and which will be able to access the Madrid Central area thanks to its ECO label.

SEAT has promoted in the last years the conformation of a range of bi-fuel natural gas cars, capable of functioning indistinctly with gasoline and natural gas. This has made it easier for Respiro to incorporate 173 new SEAT Mii, Ibiza and León models in its range, the latter with both a 5-door body and a family body.

Respiro completes in this way a range in which already had hybrid and LPG cars from other manufacturers. And in the coming months it will be renewing its fleet, and not only with SEAT vehicles.

In the coming weeks, new models will be added to the Respiro carpool offer, with new minivans and vans, among which there will also be CNG vehicles from the Volkswagen commercial vehicles section.

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