SEUR expands its fleet of vehicles fueled with natural gas

January 30, 2020. SEUR expands its ecological fleet in its service of super urgent deliveries in one or two hours SEUR Now, in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia with the incorporation of 82 Volkswagen Caddy vans powered by natural gas.

These additions are added to the rest of the ecological fleet that the company has and which currently accounts for 5.5% of the total. In addition, it is a clear example of how the company is committed to sustainability and improving efficiency in smart urban distribution.

The new SEUR Now vehicles allow a 27% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a diesel vehicle of the same characteristics, which means a saving of 373 kg of CO2 per vehicle per month.

In addition, air quality in cities affects the quality of life and natural gas is one of the fuels that reduces the emission of pollutants that affect health to almost zero: it reduces nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) by 85%, and eliminates 96% of PM solid particle emissions, in addition to halving noise pollution.

Marc Bayo, Director of SEUR Now, has pointed out that “with the growth of ecommerce we have not only gone from delivering packages to thousands of homes every day, but we have also managed to anticipate one of the main demands of online shoppers: I buy it and I want it now. Therefore, our goal is to meet increasingly shorter delivery times and do so with sustainable resources that complies with urban legislation that safeguards the environment.”

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