Sitra chooses CNG trucks for food logistics in the Netherlands

July 17, 2020. As one of the big names in Europe’s food logistics field, the Sitra company is investing in its first three Scania compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks for its Dutch customer Cosun Beet Company. A sustainable solution, especially in combination with the biogas produced from sugar beets.

In addition to its storage and cross-docking activities at strategic locations in Europe, Sitra focuses on three types of transport, both intermodal and road: conditioned transport on finished food pallets, transport in tanks for liquid food and bulk transport of powders like flour and sugar. The Dutch company will use the three Scania R410 A4x2NA 20H trucks to transport sugar from the bases in Dinteloord and Groningen.

Cosun Beet Company shares Sitra’s green vision. The company refines sugar from beets, but makes the most of its by-products. It tries to optimize its processes to be the most ecological beet processor in Europe. It also produces biogas, the base of CNG. The firm even built a CNG station to use natural gas as fuel to transport its products.

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