TransMilenio reaches 93% renewal of its fleet with CNG buses

June 26, 2020. The Colombian City Hall of Bogotá, through TransMilenio and the concessionaire Capital Bus S.A.S., will put into operation 130 new Scania bi-articulated buses powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) engines with Euro VI emission standards.

These vehicles will circulate from the Americas patio and will benefit users of the CG30 and GM47 routes, which will now operate with the bi-articulated bus typology, mainly benefiting users of Suba and Portal Sur.

With the arrival of the new vehicles, an additional 31,250 spaces will be offered in the mass transportation system of the Colombian capital. Additionally, a total of 2,224 operating fleet units are reached in the trunk component: 260 dual buses, 757 articulated and 1,207 bi-articulated, which allows the city to offer more space for users, better frequencies and therefore better service, since the vehicles have higher capacity.

The new buses have the Scania Fleet Management system, which offers vehicle information in real time, allowing the visualization of aspects such as fuel consumption, maintenance planning and driving, among others.

The entry of the new fleet corresponds to the last pending delivery by the Capital Bus concessionaire and enables 93% of the trunk fleet renewal of Phases I and II of TransMilenio to be achieved.

The 106 vehicles missing to reach 100% will arrive before the end of the year. Upon completion of the implementation of the new concessions, there will be an offer of 433,350 spaces, which means a 41% increase in the supply of the system.

It is important to note that the new Scania bi-articulated buses running on natural gas comply with the Euro VI emission standard, the most advanced in the world and that significantly reduces polluting emissions, especially those from particulate matter, the most important pollutant in air quality of the city, due to its impact on the health of the population.

With the entry of the 130 bi-articulated buses that will operate from the Americas patio this June 27, the total of 741 new CNG buses is reached, as part of the fleet renewal of phases 1 and 2 of the system. When comparing the new buses with the fleet that was replaced in this patio, emissions of particulate matter are reduced by 99.99%. This means that this fleet will stop emitting about 2.5 tons of particulate matter per year into the city air.

Similarly, it is estimated that with the new trunk fleet linked so far, 95% of particulate matter emissions have been reduced, compared to the fleet that was renewed, according to measurements of the city’s air quality.

With this transition from the gas fleet, Bogotá becomes the city with the cleanest BRT fleet in Latin America, and the one that has achieved such a strong and rapid transition with low-emission fuel, generating a direct impact on the quality of life of citizenship.

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