Traxión acquires 100 NeoHyundai natural gas buses

March 15, 2019. Earlier this year, the Mexican company Traxión acquired 100 natural gas buses manufactured by NeoHyundai to be operated in the vicinity of Tijuana. Within the framework of Altfuels México 2019, there was the symbolic delivery of the units between Gino Saer, CEO of Hyundai trucks and buses, and Elías Dana, director of Traxión.

“For Traxión, it has always been very important to remain as a company at the forefront in every way, and it is very important to always have new technologies, especially those that are friendly to the environment. On this occasion, Traxión probably makes the most important investment this year to service different plants of the same Hyundai located in Tijuana and Rosarito,”said Dana, who revealed that the total investment to acquire this fleet amounted to 350 million pesos.

Dana also explained that this acquisition, which represents 2% of its current fleet, was thanks to the existing natural gas infrastructure in the Tijuana region, and did not rule out that in the future more vehicles with this technology will be acquired to renew its fleet. The first part of the operation of these units will start in a few days, and they will be operating at 100% next month.

NeoHyundai expects to sell around 800 units this year, of which 20% are expected to be powered by natural gas.

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