TUA announces a new CNG minibus for Pescara

The brand new SITCAR "ROAD" on Iveco Daily CNG chassis of 7 and 70 meters will provide service in the Colli area.

May 29, 2021. The fleet of vehicles of TUA, the transportation company of the Abruzzo Region, which serves the municipality of Pescara, Italy, is enriched with the presentation of the brand new SITCAR “ROAD” on Iveco Daily CNG chassis of 7 and 70 meters to provide service in the Colli area.

It is a modern vehicle, a natural gas minibus with low environmental impact, with 39 seats (10 seated, 27 standing and one dedicated to the disabled), ideal for transport in residential areas thanks to its great manageability, low consumption and low emissions that make it an absolutely ecological unit. In addition, it is equipped with a methane-powered F1C Heavy Duty CNG Euro 6 step D engine. The new bus of the TUA fleet has been plotted with the images of Ponte del Mare, one of the symbols par excellence of the city of Pescara.

TUA leaders announced that, starting next week, 8 new Iveco Crossway Low Entry Line E6 buses of 12.10 meters in length will enter service in the provinces of Pescara and Chieti, which are part of the modernization plan of the corporate fleet already announced in recent months.

“The company expands its fleet and puts state-of-the-art vehicles with very low environmental impact at the service of the community that, we are sure, will allow us to continue on the path of the ecological transition already undertaken”, declared the President of TUA SPA, Gianfranco Giuliante. “We thank Mayor Masci for his presence and we are pleased to show him, as a preview, the new minibus that the company has bought precisely to make it available to the city of Pescara. A green vehicle with very low environmental impact that will come into operation in the Colli area and that, in our opinion, represents an interesting solution to be used in residential and urban areas of the city, so much so that it will be the subject of a first experiment which, if it leads to the expected results, could lead us to acquire others to incorporate into our fleet”.

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