Two new NGV stations to supply 323 buses in Bogotá

December 22, 2020. Vanti, together with the operator Masivo Capital, announced the entry into operation of the Brasil 2 and San Bernardino service stations, which will supply the new fleet of 323 buses of the Integrated Transportation System of Bogotá (SITP) that will operate with natural gas, with Euro VI emissions standard.

With these facilities, the new natural gas fleet will operate from Bosa and Kennedy to the different parts of the city in the center, north and west of Bogotá. In the next 15 years, it is expected that the vehicles will travel more than 289 million kilometers and with this, around 365,000 tons of CO2, 16 tons of particulate matter and 4,800 tons of nitrogen oxides will stop emitting into the environment.

For the execution of this project, the company had highly specialized teams and partners in design, construction, electrical and mechanical works and full support for the operation and maintenance of Vanti 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all with a strict compliance with technical and legal regulations to guarantee the safety, efficiency and quality of the stations.

The facilities are located inside the patios and are made up of high-capacity supply systems imported from Canada of the latest generation for rapid filling, supplied by a compression system in a configuration of 3 and 2 compressors with capacities of 5,100 and 3,400 m3/hour respectively, which means an average loading time per bus of seven to ten minutes.

“For Vanti, the company in charge of the natural gas distribution and supply service for the 741 Transmilenio buses and 518 SITP buses, it is confirmed that Bogotá in the last 3 years has positioned itself at the forefront of the cities in the world that work for the improvement of air quality, through the renewal of fleets for public passenger transport with clean technologies such as natural gas”, said Rodolfo Anaya, President of Vanti.

Yeimy Báez, Ecopetrol’s Gas Vice President, reiterated her commitment to the country in supplying natural gas. “From our production fields we will deliver more than 1,260,000 cubic meters of natural gas per month for the two new service stations that will supply the fleet of vehicles to move people living in Bogotá to their places of work, homes and other destinations. Natural gas is an economical and environmentally friendly energy source that contributes to improving the quality of life and health of families in the capital district”.

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