WEH Breakaway Couplings | For increased safety during CNG refueling

Thanks to the continuous extension of the CNG filling station network for self-service operation, refueling with natural gas is enjoying increasing acceptance.

The requirements demanded of components for CNG filling stations are very stringent in terms of safety, reliability and functionality.

This is where WEH® breakaway couplings can offer a substantial additional safety factor at CNG filling stations.

In the event of accidental deployment, e.g. driving a vehicle from the dispenser with the nozzle remaining in the vehicle fuel port, the breakaway coupling cuts off the connection between the dispenser and the CNG hose in a controlled manner. Both ends of the break are sealed by the breakaway mechanism, preventing any natural gas from escaping into the environment. This ensures the highest possible level of safety for the operator but also guarantees that service station components are protected from damage.

The mechanism prevents damage to the vehicle fuelling receptacle, the fuelling nozzle and the dispenser as far as practically possible.

WEH provides a number of different breakaway couplings for private car filling stations as well as bus and truck filling stations, both for direct installation between the dispenser and filling/recirculation hoses and for inline breakaway couplings for installation between the filling and recirculation hoses.

WEH® breakaway couplings conform to the ANSI NGV CSA standard. In addition the requirements of the CSA standard, WEH has added another safety feature to their breakaway couplings, by fitting an additional shut-off valve. This closes off the pressurized filling hose after the break-off, thus minimizing the safety risk to the operator. The equipment prevents any uncontrolled gas leak allowing the filling hose to be vented in a controlled and deliberate manner in a secure environment.

The breakaway couplings are also supplied with integrated filters for added safety benefits. These filters ensure that the natural gas is clean, thus protecting the components from soiling. The filter inserts are easy to change to minimize dispenser downtime.

After break-off, WEH® breakaway couplings can be reused after a leak test without any need for factory reservising.

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