Redexis and Zoilo Ríos boost NGV refueling with a new station in Zaragoza

January 9, 2020. Both companies have signed an agreement, which includes the launch of a new facility in which Redexis will invest one million euros and will be located at the “El Cisne” refueling station of Zoilo Ríos in Zaragoza, Spain. The new facility will be operational in the second half of 2020.

The station will allow the regular supply of compressed and liquefied natural gas for long-distance goods trucks and for cars, vans and trucks.

This new facility will involve an investment of around one million euros by Redexis, which will be used to build the station, which is expected to be operational in the second half of this year.

The establishment will have an LNG tank of 60 cubic meters and a gasification and compression capacity of 800 Nm3/h. In addition, there will be two gas pumps, one of LNG and one of CNG, with four simultaneous refueling positions, capable of supplying CNG to all types of vehicles, with refueling times between three minutes for passenger cars and eight minutes for heavy vehicles.

With this installation, Redexis advances in its objective of increasing the CNG refueling network in Spain in order to contribute to a more sustainable and economic mobility of the Spanish transport system. The forecast is to exceed 100 service stations in Spain in the next two years.

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