Audi Neckarsulm promotes sustainable logistics with LNG trucks

November 6, 2020. Audi’s logistics at the Neckarsulm, Germany production site becomes even more sustainable and also relies on climate-friendly transport alternatives that cannot yet be managed by rail. Effective immediately, two environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered trucks will deliver their loads to the site. In this way, they replace conventional diesel vehicles, reducing up to 20% CO2 and around 85% nitrogen oxide.

“With the planned and widespread use of alternative technologies such as LNG trucks, we are seeking a climate-friendly solution for our logistics traffic in line with our Mission:Zero environmental program. This is another cornerstone for achieving our CO2 targets,” explains Achim Diehlmann, the company’s environmental protection manager in Neckarsulm.

On the way to CO2-free production, Audi systematically examines the entire value chain, which is why logistics plays as important a role as vehicle production itself. The first vehicle transports produced with Deutsche Bahn use green trains since 2010. This concept has therefore been gradually expanded with Deutsche Bahn to include transporting materials to other locations. Additional new rail concepts are already being implemented. However, the infrastructure still requires the use of conventional trucks. Up to three compressed natural gas (CNG) units and one electric unit have been used on site in local transportation since 2016. For medium and long distances, the use of alternative propulsion technologies was previously almost impossible due to lack of infrastructure and technique. Together with a freight forwarder, transport planner Alexander Graefe from Neckarsulm has now found the first suitable alternative to diesel trucks, also for longer transport routes: two LNG trucks supply parts for Audi A6 and A7 models. Another will be next for the end of the year. “Trucking will always play a role in logistics, the only question is how clean it is,” emphasizes Graefe.

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