Autosan delivers the first SanCity 12LF CNG bus to Rzeszów

April 6, 2020. Today, the first of 60 Autosan buses fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) was delivered to MPK in Rzeszów, which will join the public transport fleet in the capital of Podkarpacie, Poland, according to the contract signed in November from last year. The first SanCity 12LF CNG has been submitted for technical acceptance.

According to the statements of Autosan President Eugeniusz Szymonik, made during the contract signing ceremony, the delivery of buses started long before the date specified in the contract.

This is a completely low-floor vehicle that can accommodate up to 95 passengers, including 28 in Ster NewCity seats. Twelve seats are available from the ground floor. It is possible to board the bus thanks to three doors in 2-2-2 design. Ventura door panels were used. The first door opens, while the second and third are sliding.

SanCity 12LF CNG is equipped with air conditioning, which should improve travel comfort, especially in summer and winter. Additionally, it has five sliding windows, ceiling fans, and two electrically controlled sunroofs that provide natural ventilation.

The Cummins L9E6D320 engine serves as a power unit. It is a 9-liter engine with 239 kW, which reaches 1350 Nm of maximum torque, and has a Voith Diwa 6 automatic transmission. The gas is stored in four compound tanks with a capacity of 253 cubic meters.

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