Baleària reforms the Bahama Mama ferry to use liquefied natural gas

September 27, 2019. The Baleària shipping company has started the re-motorization of the Bahama Mama ferry so that it can navigate powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Once the process is finished, in mid-January, this vessel will become the fifth in the Baleària fleet to use this cleaner fuel, which considerably reduces emissions.

The works, which are carried out in the Gibdock shipyard in Gibraltar, have an expected duration of four months and consist of the installation of two gas storage tanks and the adaptation of the engines so that they can be propelled by this fuel. The two new tanks, which will be located in the stern area of ​​the upper deck, have a capacity of 140 cubic meters each, which will allow the Bahama Mama to have an autonomy of about 750 nautical miles.

The ship usually covers the route between Dénia, Ibiza and Palma. With the change of fuel, the ferry is expected to stop emitting 9,257.34 tons of CO2 and 885.13 tons of NOx per year annually, and completely eliminate sulfur and particulate emissions (representing 77.14 tons of SOx). The annual carbon dioxide savings would be the equivalent of eliminating some 6,600 conventional cars (or planting 20,000 new trees).

Taking advantage of the beached, the Bahama Mama will undergo a process of technological modernization to turn it into a new smart ship. Once the process is finished, the ship will have free WhatsApp coverage during the entire voyage, Wi-Fi connection, as well as smart TV in the cabins and digital entertainment on demand through a content platform. Accommodations can also be accessed through the use of QR codes and a pet video surveillance system will be enabled. The ship, 154 meters long, has a capacity for 1,000 passengers and 350 vehicles. It has several accommodations, such as armchair, upper armchair and cabins, and also various services such as shop, bar, restaurant, cafeteria, area for children’s entertainment, area for animals and trunk. On the outside, on the other hand, it also has a solarium and swimming pool.

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