Barranquilla incorporates 40 buses powered by natural gas

March 22, 2019. With the signing of an agreement for clean mobility, the Colombian city of Barranquilla and its metropolitan area began to change their transportation with clean technology and natural gas vehicles (NGV). The commitment has as its first announcement the entry of 40 buses to the public transport system.

The winners of this agreement are the citizens, and this was recognized by the participants in the first forum on Natural Gas Vehicles that served as a framework for the signing of the act that aims to reduce possible risks from pollution caused by combustion and emissions generated by transport.

In the forum, which included the organization of Promigas, Gases del Caribe and Eventos El HERALDO, the experts agreed that there is no need to wait for Barranquilla to have situations like Bogotá and Medellín because of the pollution generated by the combustion of the automotive fleet.

Alejandro Char, Mayor of Barranquilla, led the signing of the agreement with nine guarantors between businessmen and transporters, and said it is part of the transformation of the city and its investments in infrastructure and green areas that also contribute to improving the quality of the air.

The Mayor stressed that the new fleet of buses that are part of the public transport and the company Alianza Sodis, which is a partner of the Opecaribe operator of the integrated transport system, will help in the coming years the fleet to move to clean technologies.

After the signing of the agreement, it was announced that 40 standard buses with Euro 6 technology would be put into operation in the coming months, which will strengthen collective public transport, 20 of which are from Alianza Sodis. This step corresponds to the memorandum of understanding signed on December 26, 2018 to consolidate the modernization of transport and integration with the mass system.

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