BonoGas Vehicular served more than 8,000 users in 2020

January 14, 2021. The BonoGas Vehicular program, which provides financing for car owners to pay for the conversion to compressed natural gas (CNG), served 8,529 users as of December 2020, greatly exceeding the goal initially set by the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru (Minem).

The initiative, financed with resources from the Social Energy Inclusion Fund (FISE), has been in implementation since September 2018 and at the end of 2019 had reached a coverage of 5,477 users. The Ministry had foreseen that by the end of 2020, at least 7,256 vehicles had to be converted.

However, in a positive way, the program surpassed the established goal and with the figure reached in 2020 it obtained a growth of over 50% compared to the previous year, consolidating the program as a fundamental tool in the natural gas massification process in the country.

The Minem detailed that BonoGas Vehicular is implemented in seven regions: Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad, Junín, Ica, Lima and Callao, and provides an accessible credit, with an interest rate lower than 3% per year, so that light vehicle owners (Category M1) can use CNG, achieving significant savings through clean and economical fuel.

This initiative is aimed at all vehicle owners, and as of 2020 a pilot program began to extend its coverage to public transport, providing financing to transport companies so that they can convert their units to use natural gas, replacing to diesel.

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