Britanny region adds three new NGV filling stations

November 18, 2020. Bretagne Mobilité GNV (BMGNV) continues to expand the natural gas vehicles (NGV) filling infrastructure in France’s Brittany region with the development of three new facilities. The new sites will open soon in Ploufragan (in collaboration with Air Liquide), Quimper (with GNVert), and Vern-sur-Seiche (with Primagaz) municipalities.

Following the three openings, Brittany will have at least one NGV public filling station per department by the end of this year.

Bretagne Mobilité GNV will continue strengthening its regional bioNGV distribution network next year. Besides the soon-to-open three locations, other stations will be rolled out early 2021 in Caudan (Energies), Noyal-sur-Vilaine (Air Liquide), Saint-Martin-des-Champs (Energies en Finistère), and Sant Evarzec (Energies en Finistère).

BMGNV brings together the four “Energies de Bretagne” semi-public companies (SEMs) part of the Breton departmental energy syndicates. The group’s goal is to operate a network of 20 natural gas filling stations across Brittany region.

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