Largest crane ship in the world receives the largest supply of LNG in Gibraltar

August 30, 2019. The world’s largest floating crane, the semi-submersible crane ship Sleipnir, from Panama, has received the first supply of bunkering -from ship to ship- of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Gibraltar.

Almost 3,200 tons of LNG have been transferred to the eight Sleipnir deposits. According to the company Titan LNG and the Gibraltar Port Authority, it is the largest supply of LNG bunkers in Europe to date.

The ship anchored on the west side of Gibraltar on Friday, August 23 after leaving Singapore on July 5, just launched. It is an impressive structure with a total length of 220 meters, a beam of 102 meters and a total gross tonnage of 187,987 tons. The ship houses 155 crew members and 102 passengers.

While anchored in Gibraltar, the Sleipnir carried out a series of operations, which included changes of crew, spare parts, warehouses and fuel supply. The gas was supplied by the LNG Coral Fraseri LNG vessel, owned by Titan LNG, which arrived specifically for delivery to the Sleipnir. The SSCV Sleipnir left this Friday from Gibraltar waters to Israel.

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