New SEAT Leon to offer five different engine technologies

March 30, 2020. Since its launch in 1999, the SEAT Leon has been one of SEAT’s key pillars and has introduced new technologies to an incredibly competitive segment.

The all-new SEAT Leon is the first SEAT model to offer five different technologies that adapt to almost all drivers.  A suite of new powertrain technologies; petrol (TSI), diesel (TDI), mild-hybrid (eTSI), plug-in hybrid (eHybrid) and compressed natural gas (TGI), mean consumers can choose the vehicle that most closely matches their lifestyle and needs, while at the same time providing the efficiency and performance demanded by the market.

In total, there are eleven different mechanical variants, with power outputs ranging from 90 PS with the 1.0 TSI to 204 PS with the SEAT Leon eHybrid. All of them stand out for their efficient consumption, performance and low emissions, and allow consumers to choose the vehicle that best adapts to their needs. The all-new SEAT Leon offers different predefined drive mode – Eco, Normal, Comfort and Sport – to the driver. With the individual drive mode, the driver is able to adapt the car to the personal needs, thanks to the new DCC slider.

The all-new SEAT Leon has the option of a CNG 1.5 liter TGI unit that produces 96kW/130PS of power.

The all-new SEAT Leon will be presented for the first time with a CNG 1.5 liter TGI unit that produces 96kW/130PS of power. The vehicle integrates three CNG tanks with a total net capacity of 17.3kg, giving the all-new SEAT Leon TGI a range of up to 440km without needing to refuel. And if the CNG tanks do run dry, the engine switches automatically to run on petrol until reaching the next CNG fuel station. Once there, it’s as simple to refuel as any other vehicle in the range.

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