Canacol to commission Galileo Distributed LNG Production Technology in a Colombian gas field

With 4 CryoboxTM LNG-Production Stations supplied and constantly monitored by Galileo Technologies, Canacol Energy will carry out one of the first natural gas distributed liquefaction worldwide experiences.

The purpose of this ambitious project is to liquefy natural gas at the well heads and then to transport it by road to new consumers without expensive pipelines or large-scale infrastructure projects.

The first Cryobox units of this project will be commissioned in July this year, near Jobo Station in the Department of Cordoba, and will liquefy approximately 219 thousand cubic feet (ft3) of natural gas on a daily basis.

Canacol expects to promote the substitution of fuels in household, vehicles, industries and power generation plants by broadening the supply of natural gas, which would bring economic benefits through lower fares than conventional fuels. This substitution process will also impact positively on the environment, since the natural gas consumption reduces drastically particulate and carbon monoxide emissions.

Unlike large liquefaction stations, Cryobox units have the size of a 40-feet sea container, which facilitates delivery and a fast relocation every time a well is deployed. This ensures customized solutions to meet the LNG production and demand.

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