CNG bus shows successful results in Córdoba

January 15, 2021. In mid-September, Scania Argentina delivered a Green Efficiency line bus to the Tamse company, responsible for urban passenger transport in Córdoba Capital, Argentina. After concluding 60 days of testing, the fully compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle revealed that 40% savings in operating costs have been exceeded.

“The unit is very comfortable, innovative, and has highly positive details for users,” said Marcelo Rodio, Chairman of the Board of Tamse, and added: “in the near future we imagine having a complete CNG fleet, because it is a technology that it is showing us great advantages”.

The 280 hp Scania bus carried out the test operating lines B and B1 of the public company, which complete journeys of between 170 and 240 kilometers per day respectively. With a range of more than 300 kilometers, the gas tanks are refueled at the end of each day, which total between 10 and 13:30 hours of service.

The units of the Green Efficiency line are designed to work exclusively with alternative fuels, among which are natural gas (CNG and LNG) and biogas. These options allow, in addition to reducing the client’s operating costs, reducing polluting emissions by up to 20%, and noise and vibration emissions by 50%, thus making it the ideal option for urban transport in large cities.

“It is really satisfactory for us that the client can check, developing his usual operation, how sustainable buses work. These new options represent a great step on the road to more efficient transportation, which also prioritizes caring for the environment,” said Carlos Naval, Regional Manager of the Central Zone of Scania Argentina.

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