CNG Fuels set to open five new renewable natural gas refueling stations

May 23, 2019. The renewable gas fueling company CNG Fuels has announced it will open five new renewable filling stations this year to meet demand from eco-minded heavy goods vehicle (HGV) operators.

Work is already underway on constructing two of the stations, which will specialize in providing renewable biomethane compressed natural gas (bio-CNG) to commercial haulers.

The new public access stations will serve major truck routes and cities and will be able to refuel up to 3.000 HGVs a day, boosting the company’s current refueling capacity by 500%.

Philip Fjeld, CEO of CNG Fuels, said “the move was important for the United Kingdom haulage sector which has long been a ‘laggard’ when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable and sustainable biomethane allows companies to achieve deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, cut pollution and save money – no wonder demand is soaring. Our customers are already planning to order hundreds of new biomethane fueled trucks in 2019 and we have interest from companies which run a third of the UK’s HGVs.”

He added that “we’re making it easier for fleet operators to make the switch from diesel by developing a nationwide network of public access biomethane stations on major trucking routes and at key logistics hubs.”

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