Colombia reaches 600,000 vehicles converted to natural gas

June 3, 2020. The Colombian Natural Gas Association (Naturgas) presented its 2020 indicator book with the results of the last year and a technical analysis on issues of production, transport and demand for natural gas.

In the introduction of this technical document, the Minister of Energy, María Fernanda Suárez, highlights that “thanks to its environmental attributes, natural gas is consolidated as the energy source of the transition. It is an efficient and sustainable hydrocarbon, which allows reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.”

For his part, Orlando Cabrales Segovia, President of Naturgas, affirms: “Natural gas is the fuel that, together with renewable energies, will grow in the world notably in the coming years due to its environmental attributes, availability and efficiency. The same thing is happening in Colombia: more and more users in homes, mobility, industry and shops are deciding to switch to this clean energy source”.

It should be noted that Colombia exceeded 600,000 converted vehicles. During 2019, 29,000 new units were transformed, exceeding the figures for 2018. The largest number of conversions occurred in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, Pereira and Bucaramanga.

Using natural gas for vehicles has decreases close to 100% of fine particulate material and sulfur oxide, more than 75% of nitrogen oxides and between 20-30% of carbon dioxide, compared to those generated by a vehicle powered by diesel.

Likewise, the country already has nearly 1,500 heavy vehicles dedicated to natural gas, which include passenger transport, trucks, tractors, and dump trucks. Public and private transport has switched to natural gas, due to its economic benefits, offering savings of around 50% compared to gasoline and 35% compared to diesel.

Antioquia presents the highest contribution in heavy vehicles to natural gas, followed by Bolívar, Bogotá and Valle del Cauca.

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