New Audi A3 also comes as a natural gas variant

March 31, 2020. German vehicle maker Audi is launching the fourth generation of its popular A3 compact car. The presale started a few weeks ago and the first deliveries are scheduled for next May. According to the company, a “g-tron” variant, that is, a model powered by natural gas, will also be on the market during the year.

By using natural gas as fuel, you can save up to 35% CO2 compared to a vehicle with a gasoline or diesel engine. Furthermore, the emission of nitrogen oxides and fine dust is significantly reduced.

Audi also operates its own gas power plant in Werlte, Lower Saxony, together with various partners. Since 2013, synthetic methane has been produced from excess green electricity. With this “electronic gas” in the tank, natural gas vehicles, such as biogas, are already almost climate neutral.

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