September 14, 2020. The Spanish company Comercial Iberoamericana de Servicios, S.A. (Comibersa), belonging to the Masaveu corporation, has acquired five concrete mixers fueled with compressed natural gas (CNG) from Scania to incorporate them into its fleet, specifically from General de Hormigones, a company that is part of the Industrial Division of the corporation in charge of manufacturing and distribution of prepared concrete.

Comibersa’s fleet is made up of a total of 106 units, of which 27 are Scania. With this latest acquisition of five CNG concrete mixers, they take another step forward in their commitment to the environment. “We have worked together with Scania for a long time and we are satisfied with the service and quality of their vehicles that meet the demands of durability, power and reliability. In addition, within our policy of commitment and concern for the environment, we have seen an opportunity within the work and we are convinced that, in this sector, it is also possible to contribute and win, and for this reason, we have opted for gas as a solution for our vehicles”, they have affirmed from Comibersa.

This commitment by Comibersa to the use of alternative energies goes beyond its environmental commitment, since these units, in addition to being quieter, also have an ECO label, which allows working in urban areas that have access limitations in situations of warning contamination alerts. The engines of these vehicles are 100% suitable for the use of biomethane as soon as it is available. Biomethane is a real opportunity to reduce emissions and generate a circular economy, where the management of waste in the area becomes an energy opportunity for mobility.

The five Scania concrete mixers have a 13-liter G410 engine, the same load capacity as a diesel mixer and an integral cabin adapted to the driver’s needs in this type of work. These units belong to the XT range launched by Scania in 2017 and designed for the construction segment. The vehicles are equipped with a Scania Opticruise gearbox with a counter-axis brake that reduces the actual gear change time. They also include the new on-demand clutch pedal system for more precise maneuvers, which can be actuated or not, depending on the driver’s needs.

For its part, the bodywork of the concrete mixers has been manufactured by Liebherr and they belong to a new generation of concrete mixers that use the new material Licro 500 (titanium carbonitride). The bodywork stands out for incorporating the EMC system, with control in the cabin that complies with European regulation 12609, which entails significant fuel savings thanks to the independent control of the revolutions of the drum with respect to the revolutions of the truck engine. This system achieves revolutions from 1 rpm.