Conversion of 1.5 million public transport vehicles into CNG launched in Iran

February 14, 2020. A nationwide scheme has been launched to convert 1.5 million gasoline powered public transport vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) hybrids.

Started by the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company on Thursday, the scheme offers subsidized conversion services to drivers of public transportation vehicles. The drivers are only charged $300-400 for the tanks, depending on the type of car and size of CNG tank.

Drivers can visit the website to submit their application and undergo the process.

Navid Khassebaf, a senior official at the CNG Tank Producers’ Association, told reporters that the current domestic capacity of CNG tank production is over 700,000 per year. “Therefore, the 1.5 million target can be reached through proper planning in two years,” he added.

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